Sunday, April 19, 2009

Useful SAP Transactions

I worked on a consulting project laying down the roadmap and consolidate a client's customer identity and access management.  Like a lot of large enterprises, they use SAP.  Through various interviews and meetings, with some common sense, it is pretty clear a lot of the client employee's knowledge is either:
  • Silo to their particular department or function
  • Out-of-date or plain wrong
So instead of more just asking around, I went straight to "the system".  Before this project, I kind of hear SAP is notorious for their user-unfriendliness.  Now, I got to experience first hand.

After a few months of reverse engineering the clients organization through interviews and system analysis, I have came up with a list of useful SAP transcations (some for R3, some for CRM, some for both):

XD01-03 - View/Edit Customer Master Record
PIDE - View/Assign classification to Account Group.  Use for synchronization between R3/CRM
SE38 - View/Edit Programs
SE37 - View/Edit Function & Modules
XDN1 - Customer # Range
OBAR - Assign Customer Account Group to Number Range
SE16 - Browse SAP Tables (useful CRM tables includes BUT000, BUT051
SE11 - Maintain SAP Tables
SU53 - Display authorization data (of your login account)
WE02 - IDOC List
SM59 - RFC configuration
SM58 - Transcation RFC error log
BD87 - Status monitor for ALE messages
SE93 - Maintain transcation
SALE - Display IMG (contains stuff about ALE)
SM04 - User List (display a list of connections to SAP)

Useful program
RBDMOIND - Update status in WE02

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