Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Compaq 6910p close lid and freeze laptop problem

As the title suggest, the Compaq 6910p laptop from HP my company give me freezes every time I close and re-open the lid. I finally have time to look into the problem.

Apparently, HP has a fixed out for this issue. BIOS patch version F.17 (4 Nov 2008) addresses this issue.

The description of the fix is:

"- Fixes an issue where closing the notebook lid and leaving the notebook idle for several minutes causes the LCD display to be blank when the notebook lid is re-opened."

To check what version of BIOS you have, run "msinfo32.exe" from the command line.

Just download the executable from the link above and run it. You will have to disable BitKeeper encryption if you are using Vista.

Otherwise, just leave you laptop alone and let the program flash your BIOS.

Your laptop will reboot itself. Just run "msinfo32.exe" again to make sure you have the latest BIOS update.

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