Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wire-Free, Real-time Environmental Monitoring Solution / Online Web-Store

The Wire-Free monitoring solution we put together at QDS has been gaining more interest. We have been busy going around to our partners, showcasing this technology. We believe the combine Wire-Free sensors hardware and the Visual Hierarchical Maps software is a powerful combination which helps facility manager gain insight into their data center environment.  A deployment for this solution is also coming up and I have been busy preparing for it. It is a big data center.
Just to share a sense of the scope, it is a using 5 readers and each reader can cover 2,000 - 5,000 sqf of space.  At the moment, it is only using small amount of sensors >100, but the great thing about this technology is, you can simply buy more sensors, stick it to the location you want, add it to the software and you are done (provided it is in an area with existing reader coverage).  Traditionally, adding sensors to a data center or anywhere is quite a laborious project itself.  You will need to plan for network, power, rackspace (rack-mountable appliance base solution), cabling, etc.  This hassle is simply not necessary with a wire-free solution anymore.

Our first venture into online purchase on the web is also available. The goal is to handle the consumer traffic and our consumer products.  Some of the products we carry are also of interest to consumer.  However, they are just looking to buy maybe one or two units, and it does not make much sense for our Account Manager, who's focus is to serve our partners, to spending too much time handling these inquiries.

On the technical side, we are using PayPal to handle all the customer information as well as payment processing.  The decision is a good one IMHO.  First of, we bypass the whole issue with PCI compliance.  We have off-load the payment processing (including credit card) to PayPal.  Secondly, we do not store any customer information either.  This is also handle on the PayPal side.  With this setup, there is absolutely no customer information processed or stored on our side, therefore We do not need to "harden" the website at the moment.

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