Monday, May 16, 2011

Event Driven Tags for Environmental Monitoring Solution - InterMapper NMS + RF Code Hardware

With the recent success in integrating InterMapper NMS and RFCode temperature and temperature + humidity tags, we took one step further and integrated event driven tags: Dry Contact, Door Tag and Fluid Tags.

Since there is a protocol mis-match between InterMapper and RFCode, to support event-driven tags, we developed a middleware which integrates nicely with RFCode Zone Manager.  The middleware acts as a virtual appliance which utilized existing SNMP standards such RFC 4133, RFC 4344 to provide a SNMP interface to the RFCode tags.
The concept is illustrated in the diagram below where in InterMapper, we select the QDS -> "DCI - Truth Value" Probe.  We set the "Virtual port" to "1" which is mapped to Tag ID "RCKDOR00001339" in the middleware.

Now our customer will be able to utilized the excellent monitoring interface of InterMapper and combine it with the benefit of RFID wire-free sensors.

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