Monday, June 20, 2011

Wraps up a busy week in Beijing

With a project still underway in Hong Kong, I still end up heading to Beijing for a week.  Thanks to my colleagues in Hong Kong for holding the fort, we were able to handle some ad-hoc customer request regarding the project while I was away.

Thanks to my colleagues in Beijing, we were able to meet with 2 System Integrators in Beijing on such short notice.  We showcased our Wire-Free RFID environment monitoring solution, soon-to-be re-brand DC Insight. We received some positive response from the System Integrators and they even suggested they would start putting this in as part of the standard data centre design proposal!

I also spend a good amount of time training my technical colleague Mr. Niu on the system.  He is a pretty quick learner.  By the 3rd day, he has no issue setting up the demo and presenting it to the customer for our second meeting with another SI.  Boy, was I relieve as it was very difficult for me to present in my broken mandarin. As China present ample of opportunities, I see a strong need to really pick up mandarin quickly!

In the evening, we spend some time networking and socializing over dinner with some of my dad's friends and former associates in China.  Thanks to my dad for arranging these events.
With my broken Canton-Mandarin, I did try to chime in occasionally.  In the beginning, I was often met with these confused "what-the-heck-is-he-saying" look. A couple more beers, either I stop caring, or the conversation started to flow a little better. At the end of the day, we exchanged some contacts and email addresses.  Hopefully this well lead to some lasting relationships and opportunities for both parties on the motherland.

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