Monday, July 20, 2009

The Scala Bandwagon

Learning a new language was not as easy as I thought. Especially learning a whole new language paradigm. I am going to collect a list of useful Scala resources in this post and see where that rabbit hole leads me to:

Official Scala Language website:
  • Learning Scala
  • Scala IDEs - I am so accustom to IDE, I can no longer go back to the VI days. This might actually be a bad thing though. After all, it is a good idea to learn all the fundamental tools of a language before moving on to tools aim for productivity.
Other Articles:
  • The Seduction of Scala - 1 of a series of articles of where Dean Wampler venture into the Scala. This is probably a good place for me to start as his motivation and background to venture into Scala is very similar to mine.
  • Mixing Java and Scala - A practical approach on how to introduce Scala to an existing Java project.
Other non-learning readings:
  • There got to be a way easier than cutting and pasting links on a blog post. Long and behold, delicious came to mind. I am ashame to be so late to the delicious game. Here are my Scala bookmarks.

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